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Manage events and user logins for the same

Inform your users about the new event in time, allow users to register for upcoming events and receive them via email and user interface.

The initial demand was to allow the addition of new events and announcements via the website. Create an automatic event registration form and send a notification of a new registration by email and in the application.

A web application (SaaS) within which events can be created and managed has been proposed. Each event contains a corresponding announcement in the internal calendar, which is visible to users. A user login form is automatically created for each published event. Each application is sent a notification and is further enabled through the web application to process the application and save it to a specific application table.

All confirmed or rejected entries for a specific event are reviewed in one place. Applications are made using a predefined application form that is generated when creating a post within the post calendar. All confirmed registrations for an event can be exported in the form of a PDF document for further easier tracking.

After creating the event, the user generates a post within the post calendar. It is possible to categorize posts using different colors as well as change the status of posts and the status of registrations for the observed event.


Web Application - Event Management

Calendar of events

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Applications via web form

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January, 2019


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Web Application denEvents