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Web store and order managemen.

Track your traffic on a dedicated site at all times, receive new orders, and edit your product offering.

The initial demand was to enable the management of products and services displayed on the seller’s website. Receipt and processing of customer orders.

For better and simpler interaction with customers through the web store, a background solution with a login form and various management modules has been proposed. The project solution provides a complete insight into the state of product inventory, product category management, order management and creating a PDF version of the invoice as well as tracking weekly, monthly and annual sales statistics.

Receive each new order in your email and then view in the web application everything that the client has requested. After confirming the order, create a PDF version of the invoice and send it to the customer after payment.

Browse your products with a variety of filtering options. Each product can be modified or deleted. It is possible to load cover and gallery images as well as encrypt and brand products or set special prices.


Web Application - Web Store Management

Webshop order management

Receipt and payment

Warehouse update

Inventory management

Account creation and payment confirmation





January, 2018


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